Cristian Pandel Founder & President Memento Group

Cristian Pandel

Founder & President Memento Group

Cristian has been involved in the travel business since 1997. He currently serves as Executive Chairman of Memento Group and CEO of Christian Tour.

Today, Memento Group operates through an integrated global network of regional subsidiaries in 12 different countries, with over 1700 reseller partners in 5 different countries, and reaches 107 million € turnover as per the 2018 stats. Cristian is renowned for passionately staying involved in every aspect of the businesses he has created over time and, simultaneously, for being an absolute endorser of strategic time-offs. Viewed as a visionary in the travel and leisure industry, he has gone through all the stages of a success story, starting from a simple idea, working hard and with passion. He became an entrepreneur with a unique approach towards travel and he turned Christian Tour into one of the most prominent companies in SE Europe. 

Marius Pandel

Vice President Memento Group

Marius is Head of the Real Estate branch of Memento Group and has been part of Memento Group story ever since Christian Tour’s establishment in 1997.

Marius is Cristian’s younger brother and takes upon his vision in developing the Real Estate branch. Marius has successfully fulfilled the role of CEO for Christian Tour, from 2014 to 2018, his tenure being marked by an unprecedented development – the expansion of Memento Group in Spain and Turkey, the foundation of Memento Hotels and Memento Bus.

Cristian Pandel Founder & President Memento Group
Nina Seretean

Nina Seretean

Chief Financial Officer

Nina is the CFO of Memento Group and has been a part of our team since 2012.

Nina is currently overseeing all the activities of the Financial and Accounting department, although her responsibility runs through every department.

She is developing the group’s financial strategies and policies and she is supervising their correct implementation.

Nina has an extensive background is finance and accounting and her current role is to organize, guide, lead, control and be responsible for the efficient development of the economic activities of Memento Group, while also providing guidance and advise to its stakeholders.

Diana Dima

Group Marketing Director

With a solid background in travel industry and proven experience of more than 12 years in all marketing areas, Diana has joined Memento Group team in 2011. She is a strong marketing professional with a Phd focused in services and leisure from the University of Bucharest.
Being a passionate leader and top-performer in modern advertising, digital communication, ecommerce, innovation in digital and social media, Diana has a unique perspective on how to create and implement digital activations that bring the customer from awareness to conversion, always placing consumer insights at the heart of the marketing and business activity.
Diana is confident that knowing and understanding how different business areas work and fit together means having a better understanding of the overall picture. The right strategies and tactics are thus recognized and corporate goals are successfully achieved.

Bogdan Cismariu

Bogdan Cismariu

Vice President Technology

Bogdan joined Memento Group in early 2017, bringing his vast technical experience into the Company’s know-how

As a Chief Innovation Officer, his role is to drive innovation capabilities across Memento Group’s functions and to deliver better business results. Prior to Memento Group, he was a CEO and Business Consultant in the telecommunications industry. Having more than 15 years of experience in software development, he was also responsible for building large software applications, with high impact on financial, management and operations segments. He consulted, founded or coordinated several start-ups which flourished in the Romanian market.

Ionuț Bunea

Commercial Manager Christian Tour

Ionuț joined Memento Group in 2010 and currently holds the role of Commercial Manager. 

Ionut has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, having contributed to making Christian Tour the market leader across the region. He covered the B2C channel as the top selling office and B2B with a tenfold increased turnover.

Among his other impressive achievements are the increase of our charter capabilities in Cluj from sharing seats with other companies to operating 7 exclusive flights of our own and having a 95% occupancy on all company operated charters in his region.

Mircea Fartais

Mircea Fartais

Head of Transport and Logistics

Mircea joined Memento Group in early 2018, bringing his vast technical experience into the company’s know how.

He oversees the logistics programs and consults on all matters concerning logistics support and functions. With his vast background in automotive and transportation, Mircea is part of Memento Group since 2017, directly overseeing Memento Bus. 

Maged Erian

General Manager Memento International

Maged has an unrivalled experience in tourism and extensive know-how in some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

Maged is the General Manager of Memento Group, overseeing the international operations in Turkey, Spain, Greece Serbia and Moldova. He has been part of Christian Tour since 2014 as Commercial Manager and has coordinated operations in Poland, Hungary, Republic of Moldavia, Spain, Antalya and Greece. 

Maged Erian
Saban Atalar

Saban Atalar

Head of Operations Memento Holidays Turkey

Saban is General Manager of ITS – Memento Holidays Turkey since the opening in 2017.

He has an extensive background in tourism as hotel manager for 4*-5* hotels in the Alanya region.From 2009 to 2014, his expertise is connected to Europe, coordinating operations in Hungary and Poland.In 2014 and 2015, he was General Manager of Daphne Hotels, located  in Monastir-Sousse-Hammamet Tunis. From 2015 to 2016, he was General Manager of Nilbahir Hotel 5* in Side, Turkey.

Toutoudakis Grigoris

Head of Operations Memento Greece

Grigoris started his partnership with Memento Group in 2014. He overseas our entire operation in Greece. 

After a long and successful collaboration with Christian Tour, Memento Group acquired Amaze Holidays in 2019. Today, Mr. Toutoudakis is responsible for overseeing all operations of Memento Group Greece. He has a complex understanding of the Greek hospitality industry, holding over the years key positions in various top of the segment companies. He is vice-president and co-founder of Amaze Holidays – Memento Group.

Toutoudakis Grigoris
Przemyslaw Bogacz

Przemyslaw Bogacz

General Manager Memento Spain & Portugal

Przemyslaw oversees the Company’s strategic position whithin the Iberian Peninsula. 

Przemyslaw is responsible for Memento Group in Spain and Portugal and joined us in January 2017. He has been working in tourism, holding various management positions since 1995 as Staff Manager, Contracting Director and General Director. He has a vast experience in operation, commercial, contracting and management of tourist business companies.

Stefan Leontin Joos

General Manager TUI TravelCenter

Stefan has joined Memento Group as a General Manager of TUI Travel Center starting 2021.

With 16 years experience in tourism field and a service management solid background, Stefan has proved his abilities to lead and manage large organizations.

Owner of some tourism offices operating under a local franchise, he is now using his management and commercial skills to upgrade a project with great ambitions; to lead TUI TravelCenter to number one travel marketplace in Romania, for premium holidays. 

Antonio Stoian

General Manager Animawings

Antonio joined Memento Group in 2019.

He started his career in aviation in 1994, while he was still a student and he never left the industry since. 

Due to his enthusiasm, passion and dedication to this field of activity, of his background and experience and his commitment to quality, Antonio rapidly promoted to management positions.

In 2019, he accepted this new challenge to build a new Aviation company together with a team of professionals, a company meant to serve the charters market in Romania. Despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, they successfully finalised the project and Antonio is now leading Animawings Aviation.

Adrian Teslovan

Partner & Head of FDA Insurance Broker

Adrian Teslovan has a 20 years background in insurance and holds a degree in Management.

Adrian co-founded Fabrica de Asigurari – Insurance and brokerage in 2013, targeting only the romanian market and reaching world-wide capabilities and coverage by 2018. 

Adrian Teslovan

Lucian Aldescu

Managing Partner Memex

Lucian joined Memento Group in 2020. He is an entrepreneurial CEO with 25+ years of experience in CEP (courier, express, and parcel) and last-mile e-commerce and a Board Member and founder in logistics, fulfillment services, and freight forwarding business.
Lucian is a leader with a strong strategy and great commercial and operational skills. He proved to be a successful manager when he lead his company through a transformation process from a minor market player to an industry leader challenger position.