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Excellence by numbers

194.400.000 €

In 2019 the companies of the Group generated a total of € 194,4 mil. turnover. The forecast for 2020 is to reach € 215 mil.

6.000.000 km

Memento BUS is the leading online transportation marketplace in Romania. The platform serves both the need of travelling of the end user and as a distribution channel for some of the most important regional transportation companies which operate internally and externally. Since the launch of Memento Bus our vehicles covered more than 6 million km across Europe.


In the last two decades, more than 2.5 million tourist have spent their vacation relying on our services.


As an established business focused on growth in Romania and and South-Eastern Europe since 1997, the company has funded several startups,now part of Memento Group, investing more than 3 million €.


The Group’s annual cost of general liability insurance amounts € 5 mil. Ethical behaviour, fairness, product value and transparency are among the most important factors  that built our reputation.


1.000 groups, that is over 50.000 travellers took a journey in our organized tours across the world in 2018. Christian Tour has taken the lead on this segment too since 2017. Senior Voyage, our dedicated brand to senior citizens, is well known for its unrivaled tours both in Romania and in many European countries. Our customers choose our exquisitely crafted itineraries for the unforgettable experiences and for the great moments they share with their travel companions.


Employees. The true value of any company relays in the ability to attract talents and dedicated professionals. Memento Group is one of the most prominent companies in the SE in the of Europe with a dedicated team of more than 890 professionals, representing 10 different countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA.


Christian Tour will close the year with a new record concerning the number of charter flights during a season. In 2019 the company operates 72 charter flights.