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we craft experiences that appeal to today’s desire for transformative travel

Memento Group aspires to open up the world to everyone, which is why we continue to invest in our brands and in our people, integrating innovation and developing technologies that will allow anyone to travel anywhere.

Don’t Settle For Less

Think big with Memento Group

The transformative force of travel was always an inspiration for us. Keeping the customers’ needs at the core of our activities is, in the digital age, our major point of interest.

The heart of dynamic investments

We continue to invest in our brands and in our people, integrating innovation and developing technologies that will allow anyone to travel anywhere.

Driving innovation embracing the future

Always looking forward to the future, we created Memento Hub, a fresh technology start-up, with the mission to build game changing applications that will bring cutting edge technologies into everyday life.

A place where business meets passion

We are only at the beginning of our journey. We are committed to create a more tech savvy travel industry appealing to today’s desire for transformative travel.

Ask for professional services


Built on trust and quality and more than 22 years of experience, Memento Group aspires to open up the world to everyone

More than just a holiday

Christian Tour is committed to fulfill the need for travelling, to make your journey as enjoyable, accessible and memorable as possible and to deliver a first-class experience to all its customers.

TUI TravelCenter

Experts in travelling

Through on a strategic partnership between TUI Group and Memento Group, we create unforgettable moments for customers across the world and make their dreams come true.


Brings happiness

The story of Yuga is also your story, as is the story of all of us who seek balance, health and small moments of pure joy.


Fly with us

We are proud to be a Romanian company and we strive to become the biggest airline in the country. We are ready to discover new ways to amaze our customers even before boarding our aircraft and until the end of their chosen journey.

TUI TravelCenter

Delivery Service

 Our mission is to provide EASY TO USE services always keeping in mind our core values: integrity, responsibility and solidarity. We specialize in parcels delivery across Romania, safely and on time!

logo MementoBUS

Your journey matters

The journey should matter as much as the destination. We provide top transportation services, a fleet with the best coaches and minibuses and hundreds of destinations to choose from. We have professional, experienced drivers that will transform your ride into a relaxing journey.

Logo FDA

Insurance services

FDA is a member of the National Union of Insurance Intermediation and Consulting Companies in Romania (UNSICAR), a professional organization of insurance distributors, claims consultants and specialized legal services providers.

Tranportation as a sustainable service

Our goal to offer transportation as a service meant to unify all transport services into one coherent, easy to use and socially responsible solution. MementoGreen came naturally, as a practical representation of our customers’ needs: interconnecting their ground and flight transport options.

TUI TravelCenter

Empowering technology

We strongly believe that technology should be built by the people, for the people. Best results are achieved when passion and talent are put together.

With constant focus on performance and usability we strive to keep up with the best available solutions, integrating them to reach the maximum potential.


Memento Group’s operations spread across Europe to Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Moldavia and Spain. The headquarters of operations  is in Bucharest, Romania. The Advisory Board of  Memento Group BV, based in Holland, serves as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and oversees the management of the Group’s  businesses.

Our pillars

Memento Group is reaching customers all across Europe and the Middle East through a network of 7 pillar-brands: Christian Tour, Memento Bus, Memento Holidays, Memento Hotels, Pandels Properties, iMemento Inc, and Fabrica de Asigurari. We focus both on providing management services for the affiliate companies and on finding new investment opportunities. 


As the regional leader in travel & related services we are customer oriented, therefore we are very selective regarding our suppliers. Our philosophy and also our commitment is to deliver to our clients memorable experiences, customised travel solutions and to set the trend in the industry.