Founder & Executive Chairman of Memento Group

Cristian Pandel

Mr. Pandel has been involved in the travel business since 1997. Currently serves as Executive Chairman of Memento Group and CEO of Christian Tour.

Today, Memento Group operates through an integrated global network of regional subsidiaries in 12 different countries, with over 1700 reseller partners in 5 different countries, and reaches 107 million € turnover as per in 2018 stats. Cristian is commonly renowned for passionately staying involved in every aspect of the businesses he has created over time.; and, simultaneously for being an absolute endorser of strategic time-offs. Seen as a visionary in the travel and leisure industry, he has gone through all the stages of a success story, starting from a simple idea, working hard and with passion and becoming an entrepreneur with a unique approach concerning travel and related businesses, and turning Christian Tour in one of the most prominent companies in SE Europe.